Vickers 45

"Tantalus" Vickers 45 AC radius chine steel boat plans


Vickers 45 sail plans


Vickers 45 accommodation


Vickers 45AC accommodation


3D of Vickers 45

3D of Vickers 45AC



LOA - 13.85m [45'5"] LWL 12.30m [40'4"] Beam 4.20m [13'9"] Draft 1.50m to 1.90m [4'11" to 6'3"]
Steel 15400kg [33942lb]
GRP 13500kg [29754lb]
Steel 4000kg [8816lb]
GRP 5250kg [11571lb]
Area Waterplane 31.80sq.m [342sq.ft] Immersion Rate 326kg/cm [1825lb/in]
Wetted Surface - varies with keel choice - approx
49.50sq.m [533sq.ft]
Fineness Coef
Steel 0.67
GRP 0.68
Block Coef
Steel 0.40
GRP 0.41
Prismatic Coef
Steel 0.57
GRP 0.58
Steel 231
GRP 202
Sail Area (Main + Fore-triangle)
Standard rig 88.1sq.m [948sq.ft]
AC rig - 100sq.m [1076sq.ft]
Powering 60-80hp diesel