Dudley Dix Kits

 We are selling the kits of Dudley Dix boats which are applicable in plywood epoxy construction system. 

All our kits are manufactured at our CNC machines with +/-.002” tolerances. On the bulkhead joinery we use ladder step and stud joint together which we have developed. This way you do not need to worry about the alignment at all.

Kit Prices

The below kits of Dudley Dix are available ;

  Argie 10   350   ,- Euro
  Paper Jet 14   650   ,- Euro
  Cape Henry 21   2.900,- Euro
  Didi Mini   2.950,- Euro
  Didi Cruise Mini   2.950,- Euro
  Didi 26   3.100,- Euro
  Didi 34 Kit   5.250,- Euro
  Didi 38 Kit   5.500,- Euro
  Didi 40 Kit        4.500,- Euro
  Didi 40 cr Kit   5.500,- Euro



CNC Service

Cutting of Bulkheads with CNC
Cutting of step ladder and studs 
Finished Bulkhead

All the plywoods that we use on the kits are BS 1088 standarts Okoume ply. The parts are holding the sheet with small studs. This way any damage to the parts are avoided during the shipment since we ship it as whole sheet. These studs can be cut by file or by knife or by electric saw.

Electric saw




The complete cutting and cleaning of bulkhead takes less than 5 minutes.

At the below connections you can download the films of this process in avi format at real time


a) CNC Cutting

b) Getting Bulkhead

c) Sanding and Finishing

d) Didi 26 Kit 1

e) Didi 26 Kit 2

f)  Didi 26 Kit 3

g) Didi 26 Kit 4

ı)  Didi 26 Kit 5


k)  Didi 26 Kit 6

l)   Didi 26 Kit 7

m) Didi 26 Kit 8

n)  Didi 26 Kit 9

o)  Didi 26 Kit 10